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When my daughter Caitlin was in preschool I recall a mother with much older children warning me that the days may seem endless, but that the years fly by. How true! How could it be that my little Muffin is 15 and a sophomore in high school?!

Nowadays, she and her friends worry about getting into college. Are they taking the right classes? (Do they have to take AP’s?) Big college or small? Close to home – “No!” shouts Caitlin – or clear across the country?

And then, there’s volleyball. Caitlin is so very passionate about volleyball. It’s so much fun to watch her play! She was a Middle Blocker on her school’s varsity team last fall and plays the same on her club team now. She wants to play for her college team, so that adds to the complexity of her college search.

It makes me think that finding the right college for my daughter and getting her through the application process might turn out to be the hard part after all.

Eileen McPeake

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