My name is Eileen McPeake. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM. I work with people going through major life transitions – changing careers, retiring or regaining their financial footing after divorce or widowhood.

For all of my clients, I build personal financial plans so that they can take control of their financial futures and say “yes” to themselves.

I am a fee-only planner – I don’t sell financial products or receive commissions. I am a fiduciary, meaning that I always put my client’s interests first.

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WHY do I work as a financial planner?

My father died of a heart attack when I was nine. Both he and my mother had grown up in large working class families where the month always lasted longer than the money. Both of my parents had worked hard to break into the middle class and build some financial security.

With my Dad gone, my Mom was now back to square one. The financial security she and my Dad had carefully built was gone.

She was alone, feeling scared and vulnerable. She needed the kind of help a skilled financial planner could offer. She needed a comprehensive plan – a road map – that would give her back control of her financial future and allow her to say “yes” to her and my dreams.

I strive to be the financial advisor that my mother needed and deserved, but never found.

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HOW do I work with clients?

I work closely with my clients, to gain a holistic picture of their income and expenses, savings and investments, assets and debts. We discuss their current concerns and future goals. Together, we build a comprehensive financial plan to guide them going forward. And, of course, we revisit that plan annually, as life brings changes.

My clients can also elect to have me manage their investment portfolios using a mix of very low-cost index funds.

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What FEES do I charge?

Building a thoughtful financial plan in which you can have confidence does take some time. Plans cost $4,000 to craft. Prior to getting started, I provide prospective clients a detailed proposal outlining the scope of work to be done, to ensure my clients know we’re on the same page.

For wealth management, I charge 0.5% to manage portfolios up to $1 million in size and a reduced fee on amounts over $1 million.