Looking ahead
to the future


Working with you,
for you


Putting your
interests first


peace of mind


your needs and goals

We all want peace of mind – a feeling of control over our finances and our futures. I work closely with my clients to address the concerns that keep them awake at night and explore their options through rigorous, customized financial planning.


Working to meet your personal needs

My clients are women in transition. Some have worked hard, alongside their spouses, over many years to build a comfortable life, but now things have changed. Death or divorce has upended their carefully laid plans. Others have been on their own their whole adult lives, working hard in demanding careers. They’re looking to downshift and pursue a small business idea or some other passion in semi or full retirement.

Together with my clients, we explore current realities, future goals and time horizons. We look at income and expenses, assets and debts. We discuss their investment experience and comfort level with risk, to determine the most appropriate way to invest their savings buckets. And together, we draw a road map to guide their financial futures.


My fees

Building a thoughtful financial plan in which you can have confidence does take some time. Plans typically cost $5,000 – $7,000 to craft. I charge $300 per hour for work done beyond that, such as in our annual reviews.